Sunday, 12 June 2016

3 Common Misconceptions about That Wedding Dress (and Other Ways to Make Your Day Great)

There are plenty of ideas and plans when it comes to a wedding dress. However, there are also a number of misconceptions. Some brides-to-be might consider their dress to be the most important aspect of their wedding.

Whether or not that’s true for them, it’s a good idea to think about other things as well.
Here are three common misconceptions that people have about a wedding dress and some ideas that can also make this special day wonderful.

1. It has to be expensive

Some people spend thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding dress. If you have a set budget, don’t get caught up in the trappings of having to have something that costs more than most used automobiles that you’re only going to wear once.

After all, if it’s going to spend most of the rest of its existence tucked away in a closet and eventually almost forgotten about, that money can be better suited for something else.

2. You’re going to pass it down

Another common misconception brides have about their wedding dress is that they’ll be able to pass it on to their daughter or granddaughter sometime in the future.

In reality, it might not survive that long thanks to moths, potential floods, and other damage. Also, future brides-to-be might not have any interest in it by that time.

3. Your wedding gown will look great no matter where you are

No matter what your wedding dress looks like, if you have the right transportation on your wedding day, it’s going to look wonderful. The right transportation can include a limo or even a party bus rental in Atlanta.

If you want the best day possible, be honest with yourself and you’ll realize you can save a lot of money and still have best day possible with a more affordable and reasonable wedding gown by hiring the right transportation service for you, your spouse, and even your closest family and friends.

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