Friday, 23 September 2016

Best Atlanta Wedding Hacks

Hacks have been a growing sensation, and why not! Who wouldn’t want to make things a little easier and a little less stressful, maybe save a little money and still show up looking great.

We have compiled a bunch of fantastic wedding hacks—Atlanta style.

Let’s start things out about what gets thrown away.

Something most people think it's essential to a wedding, but usually just ends up being a complete waste of money. We’re talking about the typical party favors, the cheap ‘ebay lot of’ mini lotions, tissues, candy, or whatever you might throw in the bag will probably sit around on the coffee table for a month, then finally get thrown away. So save your money, or you could do neat DIY party favors that people will actually really like. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true!

Ask for deals. What’s the worst that can happen? They say No? Well you weren’t going to get the deal to begin with, so nothing actually changes. Ask your Atlanta Airport Limo Transportation in advance for wedding package deals.

Coupon codes. If you decide to buy anything online, look at popular promo code sites for coupons that can take as much as 30 percent off of your favorite items.

Find Atlanta Limo Bus Companies that will offer multiple vehicles at once, especially if you have a lot of family members flying in from out of town. This will make this so much easier for you and your guests.

Buy flowers that are in season to save big bucks on center pieces and other wedding d├ęcor.

What’s getting popular is instead of having people bring wedding gifts as you traditionally would, people are asking that the amount of money that one would have spent on their gift instead be used towards funding their honey moon. Now that’s a gift! Honeyfund is a site that is designed to do just that.

Instead of spending money on a whole entire band, consider hiring a guitarist instead. Many modern guitarists can play beautiful classical music if you are not a fan of the contemporary tunes.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Promote Love at Your Wedding with Natural Scents

You may have heard about aromatherapy before, it’s recommended for positive mood, relaxation, for a romantic evening, and much more. Some people may think how can a smell make me happy or feel romantic, but it can. Let’s talk about how it works.

Our sense of smell is more powerful than we often think, it can convey many things such as ‘caution’ like when we smell smoke, or how we can feel hungry when we walk by a restaurant. The sense of smell can also trigger memories and is actually the sense that is most connected to memory.

The limbic system makes this happen (the part of the brain that deals with our sense of smell) and is also connected to the part of our brain that harbors emotions and a part of our brain that produces hormone that make our body “react” to things. So as Charla Deverux in her book The Aroma Therapy Kit puts it “it is quite logical that smells should produce many different responses.”

So if you have family traveling in for your wedding making sure that Atlanta Coach Bus smells good, they’ll be happier to see you!

So now that you know how it works and that it does work let’s look at the best smells for your wedding weekend !

Rose – love, friendship, intimacy, and understanding
Lavender – relaxation and eases tension promotes open mindedness
Cinnamon - sexual health, intimacy, and stimulating energy.
Clove - sexual health, intimacy, promotes feeling of satisfaction.
Gardenia - friendship, ceremonies, family, friends, and love.
Ylang Ylang – love, aphrodisiac, and eases nervousness.

(Note: before using any oils you should be aware of any allergies or sensitives anyone may have.)

You can use these during for wedding planning, during the ceremony or even the after party if you are looking for Party bus in Atlanta GA all your friends and family will feel comfortable in.

Did you use aromas in your wedding? Let us know how it turned out!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why Traditional Brides Wears White?

You’ve planned everything from the white wedding dress down to your Atlanta Airport Limo Transportation - take a break, it’s time to give some of the more subtle things a thought.

Such as why brides wear white wedding dresses?

Most traditional American weddings revolve around the color white.

From birth we are taught that the color white is symbolic for purity, innocence or providing us with a feeling of being clean.  White is also the symbolic opposite of darkness and negativity—which for a wedding, we definitely want to promote feelings of happiness, love, and purity.

But where did those ideas come from? Who said ‘this’ is what the color white means?
We can look back through history, iconic figures, and ancient rituals.

In ancient Greece white was considered a happy color and was used for wedding ceremonies. 

The highly revered ancient Romans wore white togas; as well as many spiritual leaders. Priestesses in ancient Egypt were adorned with white clothing, and too were the many important mummies wrapped in white cloth. Even the Catholic pope wears white as to be seen pure and holy.

The early indigenous people of America, such as the Hopi Native Americans wore white robes for wedding ceremonies, and deer leather as well.

It is said that Queen Victoria really set the fashion trend for the wedding dress in 1840, as she wore a white lacey dress that everyone adored. This said another thing much to do with wealth. Women who could afford to wear a clean white dress for a day were surely a gift and seemed much more promising to the prospective family—back in much older days.

So while you are all dressed up enjoying Limo service Atlanta loves, give the little things a thought.

There are many reasons modern cultures still wear the traditional white wedding dress today. What’s yours?