Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why Traditional Brides Wears White?

You’ve planned everything from the white wedding dress down to your Atlanta Airport Limo Transportation - take a break, it’s time to give some of the more subtle things a thought.

Such as why brides wear white wedding dresses?

Most traditional American weddings revolve around the color white.

From birth we are taught that the color white is symbolic for purity, innocence or providing us with a feeling of being clean.  White is also the symbolic opposite of darkness and negativity—which for a wedding, we definitely want to promote feelings of happiness, love, and purity.

But where did those ideas come from? Who said ‘this’ is what the color white means?
We can look back through history, iconic figures, and ancient rituals.

In ancient Greece white was considered a happy color and was used for wedding ceremonies. 

The highly revered ancient Romans wore white togas; as well as many spiritual leaders. Priestesses in ancient Egypt were adorned with white clothing, and too were the many important mummies wrapped in white cloth. Even the Catholic pope wears white as to be seen pure and holy.

The early indigenous people of America, such as the Hopi Native Americans wore white robes for wedding ceremonies, and deer leather as well.

It is said that Queen Victoria really set the fashion trend for the wedding dress in 1840, as she wore a white lacey dress that everyone adored. This said another thing much to do with wealth. Women who could afford to wear a clean white dress for a day were surely a gift and seemed much more promising to the prospective family—back in much older days.

So while you are all dressed up enjoying Limo service Atlanta loves, give the little things a thought.

There are many reasons modern cultures still wear the traditional white wedding dress today. What’s yours?

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