Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Promote Love at Your Wedding with Natural Scents

You may have heard about aromatherapy before, it’s recommended for positive mood, relaxation, for a romantic evening, and much more. Some people may think how can a smell make me happy or feel romantic, but it can. Let’s talk about how it works.

Our sense of smell is more powerful than we often think, it can convey many things such as ‘caution’ like when we smell smoke, or how we can feel hungry when we walk by a restaurant. The sense of smell can also trigger memories and is actually the sense that is most connected to memory.

The limbic system makes this happen (the part of the brain that deals with our sense of smell) and is also connected to the part of our brain that harbors emotions and a part of our brain that produces hormone that make our body “react” to things. So as Charla Deverux in her book The Aroma Therapy Kit puts it “it is quite logical that smells should produce many different responses.”

So if you have family traveling in for your wedding making sure that Atlanta Coach Bus smells good, they’ll be happier to see you!

So now that you know how it works and that it does work let’s look at the best smells for your wedding weekend !

Rose – love, friendship, intimacy, and understanding
Lavender – relaxation and eases tension promotes open mindedness
Cinnamon - sexual health, intimacy, and stimulating energy.
Clove - sexual health, intimacy, promotes feeling of satisfaction.
Gardenia - friendship, ceremonies, family, friends, and love.
Ylang Ylang – love, aphrodisiac, and eases nervousness.

(Note: before using any oils you should be aware of any allergies or sensitives anyone may have.)

You can use these during for wedding planning, during the ceremony or even the after party if you are looking for Party bus in Atlanta GA all your friends and family will feel comfortable in.

Did you use aromas in your wedding? Let us know how it turned out!

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